We are recruiting! What better time than now? Northeast Nelson Fire protection district is in process of building our station 3 in Fairfield and we need recruits! You can sign up on our website at nenfd.org or search our department name on the makemeafirefighter.org
We will be having a recruit class starting soon! See below:
Nelson County Fire & Rescue and Northeast Nelson Fire Protection District are pleased to announce an upcoming joint recruit class starting on May 12th. If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter, or are currently a recruit with a nearby department then this class is for you! We will take everyone who participates from the very first time they put fire gear on to becoming certified firefighters! If you would like to apply to become a firefighter, please visit nelsoncountyfire.com to submit an online application, or simply pick up an application in person at 220 Plaza Dr Bardstown Ky, 40004. For Northeast Nelson, please contact Scott Thompson 502-827-9354 or call 502-252-5301 and leave a message or apply on line at nenfd.org
If you are a department head and would like to join NCFR and NENFD in conducting this class, please email Brian Carnell at bcarnellncfr@gmail.com or Scott Thompson at sthompson@nenfd.org
We look forward to seeing everyone soon!
The biggest act of bravery is filling out the application, all the rest is training! We are looking forward to meeting our recruits soon!
We would like to thank everyone for the donations to the 2021 Crusade for Children!! $16,559.05!!! 100% for the kids!!