Recent Calls
Wed. Feb 24th 2021
Upon arrival units discovered that the smoke detector was set off due to drywall work that was going on inside the property. Confirmed false alarm
Tue. Feb 23rd 2021
Response to a reported street light pole that was on fire at its base, upon arrival units found a light pole that was smoldering due to debris that was inside the pole. Units secured the scene and wai...
Wed. Feb 17th 2021
Upon arrival units found smoke showing from the Alpha side and Charlie side of the structure that indicated heat pushed structural smoke. Units quickly made an interior attack on the rear of the struc...
Fri. Feb 12th 2021
Upon arrival units found that the driver was out of the vehicle, units mitigated the scene and vehicle and remained on scene for traffic control until the vehicle was removed from the roadway and the ...
Tue. Feb 9th 2021
A controlled burn was discovered at the 100 block of Faith ave, units advised the property owner to call Nelson County Dispatch for all burning.
News Headlines
Thu. Dec 17th 2020
Congratulations go out to Sergeant Kevin Chilton!! Kevin is serving at Sergeant at Station 2
Thu. Nov 19th 2020
Join us in congratulating Captain Shawn Hamilton!! Shawn has previously served the district as a Sergeant at Station 1 and was promoted to the rank of Captain effective 11-19-2020.
Thu. Jul 16th 2020
The Northeast Nelson Fire Protection District would like to welcome Firefighter recruit Kevin Fowler to the NENFPD family! Kevin comes to us as a brigade firefighter from Dow chemical. Welcome!!
Thu. Jun 25th 2020
We would like to congratulate Jr. Firefighter Justin Curtsinger for being promoted to the rank of Firefighter recruit.
Thu. May 21st 2020
Please join us in welcoming a new member to our department!! Tressa Pyle has joined the department as a Jr. Volunteer Firefighter. Tressa comes to us after a long time of wanting to be a firefighter a...
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