Recent Calls
Sat. Jan 2nd 2021
We received an alarm call for an EMS assist at the 800 block of Greens chapel Road, NENFD was requested by NCEMS to assist in moving a patient from their residence to the awaiting squad for transport.
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Northeast NElson Fire & Rescue responded to the area of Rocky Hill Road for a structure fire, upon arrival units found that this was a chimney fire that was spreading to the roof and attic area. U...
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Northeast Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the area of Ashes Creek and Simpson Road for a reported single vehicle MVC. Upon arrival units found a vehicle vs. tree, the driver was out of the vehic...
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Northeast Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the area of the 30 block of Arnold lane in Bloomfield for an odor investigation.Upon arrival units checked the building and no harful gasses were presen...
Sun. Dec 27th 2020
Northeast Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the 800 block of Taylorsville Road for an active fire alarm. Once on scene units confirmed this was a false alarm due to a faulty smoke detector.
News Headlines
Thu. Dec 17th 2020
Congratulations go out to Sergeant Kevin Chilton!! Kevin is serving at Sergeant at Station 2
Thu. Nov 19th 2020
Join us in congratulating Captain Shawn Hamilton!! Shawn has previously served the district as a Sergeant at Station 1 and was promoted to the rank of Captain effective 11-19-2020.
Thu. Jul 16th 2020
The Northeast Nelson Fire Protection District would like to welcome Firefighter recruit Kevin Fowler to the NENFPD family! Kevin comes to us as a brigade firefighter from Dow chemical. Welcome!!
Thu. Jun 25th 2020
We would like to congratulate Jr. Firefighter Justin Curtsinger for being promoted to the rank of Firefighter recruit.
Thu. May 21st 2020
Please join us in welcoming a new member to our department!! Tressa Pyle has joined the department as a Jr. Volunteer Firefighter. Tressa comes to us after a long time of wanting to be a firefighter a...
Open Burning Laws

~~Division of Forestry Outdoor Burning Laws

 The Kentucky Division of Forestry is mandated by law to "provide for organized fire protection." This mandate is carried out through wildland fire detection, suppression and law enforcement carried out by nine districts located throughout the state. The division supplements its fire suppression efforts through cooperation with rural fire departments by providing them with training, equipment and vehicles. The division also utilizes Department of Corrections crews and Kentucky National Guard personnel and equipment during fire emergencies. These activities are funded in part by a county assessment of 2 cents for each timberland acre.


Forest Fire Hazard Seasons - KRS 149.400
•During fire seasons, it is illegal to burn anything within 150 feet of any woodland or brushland between the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
◾Spring Forest Fire Hazard Season: Feb. 15 - April 30.
◾Fall Forest Fire Hazard Season: Oct. 1 - Dec. 15.

Open Burning Regulation - 401 KAR 63:005

small debris burnOpen burning regulations are enforced by the Division for Air Quality. It is illegal to burn garbage or any other materials, except natural plant matter, such as brush and woody debris. Visit the Division for Air Quality Web site for more information.

Local Ordinances
 Before conducting any outdoor burning, citizens should check with their local fire department and county government to find out about restrictions and local ordinances. If you are preparing to have a controlled burn you MUST contact Nelson County Dispatch to make them aware and also call back after your burn is complete. The number is 502-348-3211


Forest Protection Laws - KRS 149.010 - KRS 149.991

Forest protection laws place the primary responsibility of protecting Kentucky's forestland on the Division of Forestry. Some of the areas covered by this law include: fire hazard seasons, collection of fire suppression costs, authority of forest wardens, collection of timberland assessment and wildland arson.

For a free full color pamphlet of information please call 502-252-5301 or stop by Station 1 at 130 Perry Street in Bloomfield or City Hall or ask one of the Firefighters and they can help you with any information you may need.

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