Recent Calls
Sat. Jan 2nd 2021
We received an alarm call for an EMS assist at the 800 block of Greens chapel Road, NENFD was requested by NCEMS to assist in moving a patient from their residence to the awaiting squad for transport.
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Northeast NElson Fire & Rescue responded to the area of Rocky Hill Road for a structure fire, upon arrival units found that this was a chimney fire that was spreading to the roof and attic area. U...
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Northeast Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the area of Ashes Creek and Simpson Road for a reported single vehicle MVC. Upon arrival units found a vehicle vs. tree, the driver was out of the vehic...
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Northeast Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the area of the 30 block of Arnold lane in Bloomfield for an odor investigation.Upon arrival units checked the building and no harful gasses were presen...
Sun. Dec 27th 2020
Northeast Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the 800 block of Taylorsville Road for an active fire alarm. Once on scene units confirmed this was a false alarm due to a faulty smoke detector.
News Headlines
Thu. Dec 17th 2020
Congratulations go out to Sergeant Kevin Chilton!! Kevin is serving at Sergeant at Station 2
Thu. Nov 19th 2020
Join us in congratulating Captain Shawn Hamilton!! Shawn has previously served the district as a Sergeant at Station 1 and was promoted to the rank of Captain effective 11-19-2020.
Thu. Jul 16th 2020
The Northeast Nelson Fire Protection District would like to welcome Firefighter recruit Kevin Fowler to the NENFPD family! Kevin comes to us as a brigade firefighter from Dow chemical. Welcome!!
Thu. Jun 25th 2020
We would like to congratulate Jr. Firefighter Justin Curtsinger for being promoted to the rank of Firefighter recruit.
Thu. May 21st 2020
Please join us in welcoming a new member to our department!! Tressa Pyle has joined the department as a Jr. Volunteer Firefighter. Tressa comes to us after a long time of wanting to be a firefighter a...
Fire Safety Checklist

~Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist
A Fire can occur in any part of your home. Use this checklist to make a safety check of your
home. (To pint this checklist click the printer icon on your browser).
Smoking Habits:
r Are all matches and lighters kept out of children’s reach?
r Is “NO SMOKING IN BED” a rule of the house?
r Is your family aware that ash trays should NEVER be emptied into waste baskets?
r Are there plenty of large, safe ash trays throughout the house?
r Do you check for smoldering cigarette butts in the furniture?
Electrical Hazards:
r Are appliances checked periodically for good operating conditions?
r Are you careful not to run extension cords under rugs or over hooks and nails?
r When using extension cords for appliances, does the gauge of both cords match?
r Are electrical outlets overloaded?
r Do you keep rubbish cleaned out of attics, garages and yards?
r Is paint kept in tightly closed metal containers?
r Are flammable liquids stored in safety cans and kept away from heat and children?
r Have you make it a rule to NEVER use flammable liquids for cleaning clothes or start fires?
r Are oily rags kept in a tightly sealed container?
r Is your clothes dryer vent clean and properly installed?
Heating and Cooking:
r If you have a fireplace, is a screen always placed in front of it?
r Is the filter for your forced air heater changed yearly and the venting cleaned?
r Are furnaces and wood burning stoves in good repair and located away from combustible
walls and ceilings?
r Do you have the fireplace chimney cleaned and checked periodically?
r Do you make sure combustibles are not stored near the stove, heater or fireplace?
r Do your children keep a safe distance from flame and heat sources?
Smoke Alarms:
r Have you installed a smoke alarm outside every sleeping area or in every bedroom on each
r Do you test your smoke alarm(s) every month?
r Do you replace the battery of your battery operated smoke alarm every year?
Fire Escape Plan:
r Does your family have a fire escape plan prepared?
r Is your escape plan posted and regularly practiced?
r Does each bedroom have TWO exits?
r Do you have a meeting place so you will know everyone is outside and safe?
r Are emergency response numbers posted on all telephones?
r Is your address on or near your telephone?
r Do all family members know how to dial 9-1-1 for fire, police or medical emergencies?
r Do you show your babysitter/guests your home escape routes and review 9-1-1- with
r Does your family (and babysitter) know the first rule in fire emergencies: GET EVERYONE
Fire Extinguishers:
r Do you have a UL or FM approved fire extinguisher in your home?
r Do you take it out two times a year and shake it to keep the powder from packing?
r Have all dried grass cuttings, tree trimmings and weeds been removed from your property?
r Can you see your house number from the street?

For a printable copy of this form please go to the Files Library and print !
For additional information on home fire and injury prevention contact your local fire department.

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